Xoan Baltar, iPhone painter, is so talented with the Brushes app that soon after receiving compliments from “very important people in the world of illustration” and even a director at Disney, Brushes creator Steve Sprang asked him to take a job working on the next iteration of Brushes. In an interview with Seeds and Fruit, Baltar explains how he began doing iPhone art, how iPhone art differs from art with brushes and paints, and how he thinks art will progress . He observes:

“It’s incredible that millions of years ago, man painted in caves with their fingers — and many years later, although the technology is better, we continue doing the same, painting with our fingers on a glass screen. It’s interesting.”

On first glance, I mistook some of his Brushes work for photographs . He admits that this response is common.

Frustrated with people accusing him of retouching photos and labeling them as Brushes art, Baltar created some youtube videos of his work in progress. I don’t know which is more incredible: the finished product, or watching him create these works. However, it’s no mystery why Seeds and Fruit calls him “one of the leading talents in iPhone art.”

Some of my favorites include: