Over the weekend, the Harry Potter saga finally came to a close, and I was on the front lines eager to see what promised to be an epic finale of magic battles and special effects. So naturally I was even more excited to see the movie in 3D.

This wasn’t my first 3D movie, but it brought me to an important realization. The title shot of the movie gives way to the opening scene as smoke obscures the viewer’s vision. 3D movies have an interesting way of focusing and obscuring vision that perhaps existed before, but was less clearly defined. The movie people know this, but they often focus on using it to make things fly at our faces.

Just imagine, however, how authors might use this kind of automatic focus in interactive literature. Imagine if Dupin’s purloined letter literally was in front of our faces after all, but we physically couldn’t see it. The technology isn’t too far away for eLit writers to be thinking about this.