HyperIsland Revisited

Steve Schildwachter is a marketing professional and self-proclaimed “Renaissance practitioner.” He’s also a student of Hyper Island, and shares some of his insights on the program.

Hyper Island really isn’t about “digital”, it’s about change. ....We didn’t just increase knowledge, we increased our ability to embrace the changes going on in our industry. The change is so swift we can’t even predict the terminology we’ll use in 2011. […]
“Digital” isn’t just a change for our industry, it’s a harbinger of change. The changes and challenges will keep coming and always cause discomfort. Rather than trying to feel comfortable, the smart strategy is to embrace discomfort.

The embrace of change seems to be a running theme in institutions right now. We’re seeing more and more programs that emphasize digital practice and focus on the ability to understand change and innovation rather than just teaching the literature.