Noah Pedrini finds Post-It notes and turns them into digital art . His recent work Anthroposts demonstrates how these Post-Its represent small traces of our hurried daily lives and parallel the brief fragments of text we have grown accustomed to through digital communication.

Though Pedrini mentions the beauty of the handwriting itself and the commentary on digital life that the project offers, the real intrigue for me is the suggestion of narrative inherent in these notes.

For example, we have some directions to Park St in Boston. Why did this person need to go to Park Street? The fact that she didn’t know where it was indicates that she probably hasn’t been in Boston very long; is she visiting? Why?

These slender clues always suggest a narrative. I can instantly think of several scenarios that would call someone to Boston and would require that person to need to go to Park Street: shopping on vacation, a job interview, dinner with an old friend, catching a long-distance lover in the act of cheating over dinner. And that’s the interesting part. I’m projecting the narrative. These notes, perhaps without meaning to, have invited me to create dozens of little stories to justify each one.